Become a Friend

membershipcAnnual Membership costs £12/person for the year commencing on 1 July and offers the following benefits:

  • Free attendance at the monthly talks in comfortable and historical surroundings, without the need to pre-book a place.
  • An opportunity to support your local Museum positively.
  • A Newsletter every four months (a library of back issues can be found by clicking on the Newsletters link).
  • An opportunity to meet socially with like-minded people.
  • A membership card giving 10% discounts on some items in the Museum shop and café.
  • Occasional outings.
  • Early notification of events and exhibitions at the Museum.
  • As The Friends are a Registered Charity you can choose to Gift Aid your subscription.

A Membership Application Form is available to download. Alternatively you can pick up a Programme Card from the Museum, which contains an Application Form. You can also contact the Membership Secretary, Barbara Johnson, by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Those joining part way through the year enjoy the following benefits:

  • Joining between November and February – Just £6.00 for the current subscription year.
  • Joining between March and June – your £12.00 covers you till the end of the following subscription year.

* The Friends discount only applies to hot drinks in the Cafe - tea, coffee, hot chocolate. In the Gift Shop, no discount is available on books, calendars, DVDs and items in the craft cabinet.

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