Become a Friend

membershipcAnnual Membership costs £12/person for the year commencing on 1 July and offers the following benefits:

  • Free attendance at the monthly talks in comfortable and historical surroundings, without the need to pre-book a place.
  • An opportunity to support your local Museum positively.
  • A Newsletter every four months (a library of back issues can be found by clicking on the Newsletters link).
  • An opportunity to meet socially with like-minded people.
  • A membership card giving 10% discounts on some items in the Museum shop and café.
  • Occasional outings.
  • Early notification of events and exhibitions at the Museum.
  • As The Friends are a Registered Charity you can choose to Gift Aid your subscription.

A Membership Application Form is available to download. Alternatively you can pick up a Programme Card from the Museum, which contains an Application Form.

Those joining part way through the year enjoy the following benefits:

  • Joining between November and February – Just £6.00 for the current subscription year.
  • Joining between March and June – your £12.00 covers you till the end of the following subscription year.

* The Friends discount only applies to hot drinks in the Cafe - tea, coffee, hot chocolate. In the Gift Shop, no discount is available on books, calendars, DVDs and items in the craft cabinet.

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